Structure of Rottweiler's skull

Cranial area of Rottweiler

From structure of the head one can identify peculiarities of Rottweiler body composition, hereditary features, strength of skeleton. The predominants of the breed Rottweiler are shape of its head and points. There are several types of the head: normal, proportional, heavy, light.

Heavy head is marked by very massive skull with brutish, heavy skeleton part and developed muscles. Light head is characterized by prolate, slender skull with thin, lightweight framework and defective muscles. Ideally, skull of Rottweiler is to be of medium size, very great distance between the ears, the fronts is to be moderately protruding.

Properly developed skull has well-defined inion, however, the inion must not be very prominent. Passage from forehead to muzzle is well marked. Length of Rottweiler’s head is the distance from the top of the inion to the corner point of the nose. The length of the muzzle is the distance measured in the junction line from the forehead to the muzzle, from the cavity between the eyes to the corner point of the nose.

Length of Rottweiler’s skull is the distance measured from the inion to the passage from the forehead to the muzzle. Width of Rottweiler’s head is determined by measuring the widest part of the head. The measuring line extends the centre of the forehead and maxillary arches positioned before the ears.

Ideally, the length of Rottweiler’s muzzle is to be a little more than 10 cm in males and 9 cm in females. As a rule, you should pay attention to correspondence of face length and the length of the cranial part. It must be 2:3 approximately, but the ratio 1:1 is allowed by the standard.

Normally, the skull length of big Rottweiler is 15 cm in males and a little more than 13 cm in females, but width of the fronts is about 16 cm in males and a little more than 14 cm in females. Head and corpus are to be proportional to each other. Normally, the proportions of the head correspond to sexual identity of Rottweiler, i.e. these proportions are represented differently in Rottweilers-males and Rottweilers-females.
Skull of the dog
Proportions of Rottweiler’s head: 1 – length of muzzle; 2 – width of muzzle; 3 –depth of muzzle; 4 –length of skull; 5 –width of forehead; The scalp is to be closely fitting, but subdermal adipose layer is too underdeveloped. Little wrinkling on the skin of head is allowed when Rottweiler is overwrought. Strong, powerful jaws –evidence of properly developed head- are typical for adult Rottweiler.


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