Raw and boiled fish can be given to Rottweiler puppy

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A lot of animal protein is contained in sea and river fish however you should include it in Rottweiler’s ration carefully. Only when puppy is 4 months old it may start eating fish but no more than 1-2 times a week. It is recommended not to combine fish with meat but feed the puppy with it instead of meat thus alternating fish days with meat ones.

You should remember that too regular eating of fish by both young and adult dogs leads to scission of vitamin B complex accumulated in the dog’s body and, consequently, to deficit of these vitamins. Shortage of vitamins adversely affects the life activity of different organs and systems of the dog’s body: disorders of actions of the bowels, decrement of hair appearance, slow-up of growth of all the body, etc.

Sea fish sometimes contains the particles of heavy metals which influence on Rottweiler puppy’s body may cause serious intoxication. It is possible to feed Rottweiler puppy with raw or boiled sea fish. Before giving it to the fosterling you should necessarily extract all the bones from it.

As for river fresh-water-fish you should always boil it in advance because this fish happens to be infected with helminth larvae which in turn when entering the dog’s body cause serious diseases of the digestive tract. Leading place in the diet of Rottweiler puppy should belong to meat all the same but not to fish however every fish feed given to the dog is usually a little more than meat feed.

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