Evaluation of Rottweiler's body proportions

Proportions of Rottweiler’s body

Body length of Rottweiler is the distance from the breast bone to the ischial tuberosity. Ideally the length of Rottweiler’s body must be only 15 % more than the height of the dog at the withers. As a rule, body length of big Rottweiler is 73-76 cm-in males and 69-71–in bitches. The height at the withers is the distance from the top of the withers to the ground level (the measurement is made vertically).

The height at withers is 61-68 cm in Rottweilers- males and 56-63 in Rottweilers-females. Optimal height of the males is 65-66 cm, but that of the bitches is 60-61 cm. Ideal weight of adult Rottweiler is 50 kg for males and 42 kg for females. The value of the chest circumference corresponds to quantity of the line drawn at a tangent to outside angle of the shoulder blades.

When measuring the chest circumference it needs to add 20 cm to the value of withers height of Rottweiler. The result is slightly more in the males than in the females. Depth of the chest is measured from top of the withers to the base of the breastbone at a tangent to back angle of the shoulder blade (the measurement line must be strictly vertical).

Ideally the value of the chest depth is not to be far more or less than 50% of the withers height of Rottweiler. The chest depth of big Rottweilers is 93-95 cm (in males) and 85-90 (in females). The width of Rottweiler’s chest is the distance between the most protruding rib points in the area of shoulder blades.

The width of chest in big Rottweiler is 33-34 cm (in males) and 31-32 cm 9 in females). The width of ribs is the value to be measured in the line connecting the most protruding points of short ribs. Short ribs are the ribs that do not join the chest directly. Width of the ribs in big Rottweilers is 30-31 cm (in males) and 27-29 cm (in bitches).

Body Proportions
of Rottweiler
Evaluation of Rottweiler’s body proportions:

1 –length of corpus;
2 –withers height of Rottweiler;
3 –depth of chest;
4 –width of chest;
5 – width

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