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Welcome to Rottweiler Dog Online Store where we offer a great variety of harnesses for the Rotties. We offer harnesses for you beloved pets of any age and size.
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Leather or metal dog muzzles – the choice depends only on your needs. Protect your pet and people around.
First of all, a dog is an animal. As well as any animal he has instincts, which he can’t resist. We guarantee that our dog muzzles will not harm your Rottweiler’s health. Leather muzzles allow your pet to feel free. Besides, high-quality straps will not allow the dog to dislodge it and harm people around.
A distinctive feature of leather muzzles is that they will not harm the dog while snout hitting. The skin will also be protected while walking in frosty weather. Convenient buckles also allow putting the muzzle on and off very quickly and help it to be fixed properly on the dog’s snout.
Metal dog muzzles will be useful for owners of adult and massive dogs. Wire muzzles, we offer, are equipped with additional leather and foam padding that protects the dog’s skin from rubbing. Being made of a high-quality steel wire, metal muzzles will serve you for a long time and will protect your dog from undesirable consequences.
Purchasing a dog muzzle via our web store you will surely get a necessary accessory of a high quality, which will not harm your dog’s health. Choosing a muzzle for your dog, you should remember that your pet will have to wear it for many hours. Though, the store offers muzzles of different forms and types, it is very difficult to choose the proper one. Very often, cone-shaped muzzles are offered by many stores. But they are not convenient because the muzzle should “lie” on the dog’s snout but not tighten it.
It is better to purchase a cylindrical-shape muzzle. Such form of muzzle will allow a dog to open his mouth and put his tongue out.
Dog muzzles are made of different materials. The most common materials are leather, metal, nylon, and plastic.
According to the types of muzzles there are basket muzzles, close-shaped and open-nose shaped muzzles. Leather basket muzzles will perfectly fit non-aggressive dogs. Being made of durable straps they allow your dog to breathe freely and to put his tongue out. Also, such leather muzzles are very light-weight. Less weight have only plastic muzzles but in case of frosty weather or stroke they can crack. These plastic muzzles can be used only if your dog runs a race where every extra gram is very important.
Choosing a leather muzzle you should choose the material. Leather muzzle is a muzzle which is made either of natural leather or artificial leather. The muzzles made of artificial leather are chipper but they will serve you for a short period of time. Natural leather is much more durable and such muzzle will serve you longer but it is more expensive. You should pay attention to the rivets that fix the straps. You need to check attentively that there are no any burrs and the rivets are made of a high quality metal. Also you should pay due attention to the way of fastening of the muzzle. If your doggie is accustomed to a muzzle and doesn’t try to dislodge it, it will be enough the muzzle to have only one strap. Otherwise, it is better to use the model with a strap on his forehead.
If your dog is aggressive and performs agitation training, it is better to use wire basket muzzles. It is recommended to use such muzzles in above-zero temperature because in winter the dog’s skin or tongue can stick to the metal. You can protect your dog from these consequences by purchasing a metal muzzle with a special heat insulation material. But they are very heavy, so you can use them only in exceptional situations.
The metal wire on the front part of the muzzle, (sometimes can be double), serves as a decoration. But, sometimes, it can prevent the dog from picking up garbage outside.
If you decide to buy a metal muzzle with a front cage, make sure that the bars are vertical. Thus, it will be a slim possibility that the dog will break his teeth on these bars.
Also, you should remember that metal dog muzzles have one nasty feature. In case of hitting, a dog can injure not only the object of aggression but himself as well. We want to remind you again that metal dog muzzles should be used for massive aggressive representatives of dog breeds.
Close-shaped muzzles are made of synthetic material. It is an interim option between metal and leather basket muzzles. It will be difficult even for a savage dog to bite somebody with this muzzle on. Unlike metal, such type of muzzles can’t injure the dog. But it is not recommended to keep the dog with this close-shaped muzzle on for a long time in hot summer time (the dog sweats through his tongue, you know). The only advantage of this close-shaped muzzle is its lighter weight in comparison with metal muzzles.
Recently, there are many dog muzzles made of nylon (or other synthetic materials) with open nose shape. Usually such muzzles are adjusted with “Velcro”. It can be perfectly used for the transportation of a calm Rottweiler with observing all law regulations. Also, it can be used while vet and friends visiting.
Choosing a muzzle, remember that it serves for a dog but not for his owner and first of all it should be comfortable but not well designed.
Buying a muzzle you should also take into account and other types of dog supplies which can help your in everyday walks and training activities.

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