Ears, neck, corpora and back of Rottweiler


Properly set ears make Rottweiler look very attractively. Ideally, upper part of Rottweiler’s skull is almost exactly lined up with the ears but the line is a little bowed. Rottweiler’s ears must be medium-sized, highly set and triangle-shaped.

With their fore edges the ears lie down cheek-bones of the dog that is why the skull looks wider. There are a number of defaults in the structure and set of Rottweiler's ears. The most prevailing ones are heavy hanging, low-set, unequally set, thrown back, long ears as well as those poorly fitting the head.

Anatomy of Rottweiler


This part of Rottweiler’s body that is responsible for the head’s movability contains 7 neck-bones. During evaluation of the neck for normality the indicants such as development of muscles, length, shape and set of the head are considered. An adult Rottweiler must have muscular strong medium-sized neck.

The neck is arched and bow-shaped. Rottweiler’s neck must not have fat deposit as well as dewlaps and sentinel piles. Raw neck in Rottweiler is the presence of slacked skin elsewise named as dewlap. Saggy skin folds may be present under the throat and on the neck itself.

The following developmental defects of the neck can be observed in Rottweiler:

 – too long neck;
 – too thin neck;
– poorly muscular neck with well-defined dewlap.

Moreover, standard neck of Rottweiler must proportional to the corpus and head of the dog.


Evaluation of exterior standards involves both consideration of whole Rottweiler’s corpus and its different parts (back, coupling, croup, belly, chest). One should tell the difference between the upper line and set of Rottweiler’s back.

The definition “upper part” involves back, withers, coupling and croup. Withers is the one of Rottweiler’s points formed by spinous process of 5 dorsal vertebrae and upper edges of shoulder-blades with strong well-developed muscles.


Back is one of the most important points of Rottweiler that goes a long way with estimation of the dog’s working characteristics. According to the system of examination approved by All-German Rottweiler club, the most number of points assigned during estimation of Rottweiler’s exterior are added or, on the contrary, deducted depending on these or that qualities of the back.

Rottweiler’s back that corresponds to standard requirements must be upright, powerful and strong with well-developed musculature. The dog with such back gets tired much less even under intense physical load.

Abnormalities: first of all it is roached and sway back. Swaying of Rottweiler’s back as a rule is conditioned by derangement of main rules as for care and unbalanced nutrient deficient feeding of the dog. In this case sagging of back is accompanied by insufficient muscle strength and that in turn is worsened by absence of regular training.

Development of spinal ligamentous apparatus is also afflicted. Old Rottweilers as well as Rottweilers-bitches that have been in labor very often are known to have such default as sagging back frequently. This abnormality is a very bad influence on working abilities of Rottweiler.

Working capacity of such dog may suddenly decrease; resistive loads make the animal run down very fast. If weakness of spinal musculature is not too frank, then this default can be fully corrected if the pet is trained frequently and daily regimen is included in the study programme.


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