Beef raw bones are much more useful for the puppies' health

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But if the blood was not used in the first hours after slaughtering of the animals then before feeding the puppies with it you should boil and cool it. Pig blood must be only boiled when Rottweiler puppies eat it. When elaborating dog ration it needs to consider that hypernutrition with blood may lead to albuminous intoxication therefore measuring of this product should be made too carefully.

Meat in Rottweiler puppies’ diet may be changed by specialty meats but you should do this no more than 2-3 times a week. Allowance of by-products is to be almost 2 times more than the amount of meat eaten by Rottweiler puppy during the same number of feedings.

When Rottweiler puppies are 2-5 months old they should eat raw bones, much better beef ones. The babies are still unable to gnaw large bones through but gnawing of them is one of the most favorite occupations for young dogs. It is not allowed to include similar bones in the diet of 5 months old Rottweiler puppies because at this age milk teeth are replaced with stronger ones- permanent teeth.

Young Rottweiler is already quite capable to gnaw large bones through. Hard and sharp fragments of bones may penetrate into the digestive tract of Rottweiler and cause serious injuries of abdominal cavity organs. Including of blood in the diet of young Rottweilers is a good preventive measure against asiderotic anemia that is often observed in Rottweiler puppies which are usually fed with fresh fish.

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