Here you will know how to evaluate Rottweiler's snout

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When buying Rottweiler puppy you also need to examine its ears. Normally, when the dog is viewed from the front the length of its ears is to be up to the middle of the cheeks and they must have triangular shape. The ears must fit tightly to the inner side of the head.

The more the ears are spaced apart the wider Rottweiler’s skull will look. It is also necessary to turn attention to cleanness of the eyes, absence of any discharge from them or lacrimation. The eyelids must fit tightly to the eyeglobes. Fore and hind limbs of Rottweiler puppy must be powerful, strong; the metacarpi must be parallel to each other. Dewclaws are to be removed.

Special attention should be given to the puppy’s belly because it may have a rupture. Coat of Rottweiler must be short and not waved; tan color must be too intense, i.e. neither light nor dark. Best of all if the tans are well defined and distributed symmetrically throughout Rottweiler’s body. The tail of Rottweiler puppy is cropped short and the presence of this characteristic is also obligatory.

Ideal length of the tail is equal to its width. If there are several Rottweielrs-puppies offered for sale and all of them are quite good and have the characteristics mentioned above then you should give preference to that one which has shorter corpus.

Anyhow you should ask a breeder about the puppy’s parents, whether they participated in dog shows, competitions and what the following assessments of their performances are.

Choosing Rottweiler puppy by the outside you should find your position in advance as for the requirements specified by you towards its pedigree. If you want Rottweiler from elite breeders (this is connected with questions of prestige or the intention to be involved in pedigree breeding of Rottweilers in future) then the expenses concerning buying of Rottweiler will be very high.

But if you are going to have the animal doing a service job, guarding the house and its inhabitants as well as just being reliable and faithful assistant then your objections to dog pedigree mustn’t be very great. For your information, non-elite Rottweilers wonderfully cope with similar responsibilities.

The purchase price will be much lower in this case as well. It goes without saying that personal characteristics of future pet matter a lot. Certain temperamental attitudes appear too early in Rottweiler, therefore when watching the puppies in a Kennel one already may effectuate useful for oneself conclusions. Even the puppies, born by the same bitch, have various personal characteristics when can be seen during playing, feeding, etc.

In order to facilitate the supervision over Rottweilers growing in a Kennel you may mark each of them with threads of certain color. Some time later due to regular observations you will be able to comprehend who of the puppies has an accommodating calm nature, who is apt to be a leader, etc.

Among Rottweiler’s puppies one may find too wicked or, on the contrary, too timid individuals; some of puppies become independent very soon, and some need more time to become disaccustomed to the separation from their mother.

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