Before choosing Rottweiler puppy's sex

Boy or girl

Future owner of Rottweiler, who has never had the dogs of this breed in his house before, is recommended to choose a Rottweiler-bitch. Usually, she is very accommodating during training, able to work much harder than Rottweiler-male, sooner becomes attached to its owner and less pretends to be a leader in the family of its owner.

Besides, she will be easier to manage during walks because bitches are smaller than males. Alongside with that guard abilities of Rottweiler-bitch are none the worse that those of Rottweiler-male’s and sometimes she is as strong and brave as Rottweiler-male.

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However, in this case one should also consider physiological distinctions of heterosexual dogs. A certain stumbling block in the nature of Rottweiler-bitch is that she can’t stand the presence of other bitches around her. Besides, future dog owners must know that Rottweilers-bitches are on heat twice a year as well as false pregnancy happens to be observed in them.

During estrual cycle that lasts for 3 weeks, the bitch attempts to find a partner among her congeners which are being aired by their owners thereabout and this usually the reason of conflicts and squabbles between the owners of heterosexual dogs.

During walk with Rottweiler-female being in heat, its owner will have to exercise much patience and dexterity to prevent the bitch from undesirable pairing with Rottweiler-male appearing in the yard at the moment. When choosing a male, you should remember that he is likely to need hard training. Bitches, on the contrary, are considered to be more appeasable.

Before having a Rottweiler and making a choice between male and female, dog owner should bear in mind that the bitch can be spayed or neutered without being afraid of any negative alterations in her behavior and nature and that peculiarity sets her apart from Rottweiler-male.

Moreover, this procedure has been applied to Rottweilers and other tracker dogs for long time and is absolutely approved by specialists-cynologists. All the abovementioned details do not certainly say about unquestionable advantages of Rottweilers-bitches. Purchase of Rottweiler-male is recommended for an owner-man who is very scrupulous as for projecting the image of a respectable, dignified and presentable gentleman. continue reading this article please click on here...


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