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A leash should be chosen in all seriousness. Our Reliable Rottweiler Dog E-Shop offers you a great variety of the best leashes.
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There are nylon leashes, metal and tracking leashes, couplers, retractable leashes etc for your Rotty. All types of leashes, we offer, are of the best quality and safe.
According to your requirements, we will offer only the best lead for any situation. We have a great variety of colors and materials. There are natural leather, nylon leashes and leashes of any length. We guarantee that all our leashes will serve you for a long period of time and will help you not only to handle your doggy but also to stand out among the crowd of other dogs.
All materials, our leashes are made of, are of the highest quality. A leash is a link between an owner and a dog. If you choose a leash properly, it will not provoke any discomfort feelings. That’s why our Rottweiler Dogs Store has a great variety of collars as well as leashes.
The hardware of our leashes is made of a high-quality metal which guarantees it to serve you for many years. Remember that every self-respecting dog breeder should have several types of leashes for any situations.
Our leashes combine an excellent quality and low price. You shouldn’t put yourself in an awkward situation using an ordinary linen cord. A lead is as important for your doggie as a tie for a self-respecting businessman. Convenient process of making an order on our web store will help you to purchase pet supplies quickly and easily. And our consultants are always ready to help you to choose an accessory for your pet.
Every Rotty should have a lead. Without it each a collar becomes almost a senseless accessory or just a decoration. Dog leashes were modernized along with collars and nowadays have become not only a link between a pet and his owner.
In the overpopulated city  with intense traffic a leash can become a “lifebelt” for a dog. Leads differ depending on the materials, they are made of, and spheres of use. It is clear that show leashes are reasonless in training.
The basic materials the leads are made of are nylon, leather, artificial leather and metal (chains).
According to the spheres of use they are divided into leads, chains, cords, pull tabs, couplers, multifunctional leashes and retractable ones.
You should choose a leash with the utmost seriousness taking into account the dog’s size and age, his character and breed. In short we should say metal parts of a leash. They should be made of quality materials and be welded. Even the strongest leash may lose all its advantages being equipped with a low-quality snap hook. Basically, it is possible to purchase a snap hook separately especially if you have a large strong dog. If you are looking for a training lead, then you should purchase a nylon one. Typically, its length runs from one to twenty meters.
The price of such a leash depends on the length and reliability of a snap hook. By themselves, these dog leashes are durable and can withstand enormous loads.
Be very attentive while choosing a nylon leash. With all its beauty it can slide and burn your palms. Your dog can easily bite through even the most durable one. You should remember about it when tethering your Rottweiler.
If you need sometimes to keep your pet on a leash for many hours, use a wire lead with a spring-damper or a chain. Don’t strive for a beauty and don’t buy the twisted wire ones. The chain must be welded. And once again – remember about the reliability of a snap hook. Chain can also be used for training a dog not to bite a leash. The leashes of this type are usually no longer than 1.5 meters. They look well with a metal collar. But you should take into account that a metal leash and a collar can be very heavy and not comfortable for a dog.
If you often tether your Rottie for a short period of time (e.g. while shopping), then you should purchase a multi purpose dog leash. About two meters long this leash is equipped with several rings along its length. It allows you to adjust a leash quickly and easily. Also, it can be perfectly used for training of not very large doggies.
In this case make sure that this leash is double stitched and doesn’t have any additional decoration that can harm your palms. The retractable leashes allow you to change their length.
If you are an owner of a large, strong Rottweiler, you also need to purchase a pull tab. It is a short leash that often consists of a single loop and a massive reliable snap hook. Among the shortcomings is its short length, the impossibility of its length modification.
In case you are walking two dogs at the same time, we recommend you to purchase a coupler. It consists of a lead which separates in the end. Its main advantage is that such leash doesn’t twist as two separate leashes do. But it is impossible to walk two dogs that run in different directions.
And for dog shows you will need a round lead. It is a special dog show leash that costs rather expensive and is chosen individually for every dog. Remember that a leash is one of the most important dog controlling tools which contributes to the safety of people around as well as dogs.

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Braided Handcrafted Leather Dog Leash(not nickel, not bronze)
Handcrafted brown leather dog leash for walking and tracking
Handcrafted leather dog leash for walking and tracking
Handcrafted leather dog leash with quick release snap hook
Leather dog leash for tracking
Leather dog leash stitched
Leather Dog Leash With Extra Handle
Police Dog Leash Multifunctional
Leather dog leash for training, walking, tracking
Leather dog leash with support material on the handle
Short leather dog leash - handle leash
Short leather dog leash (pull tab leash)-dog leash training
Nylon dog leash for training and tracking- dog lead
Nylon Dog Leash with padded handle
Cord nylon dog leash for large dogs- dog lead
Very comfortable walking dog leash with swivel
Police tracking dog leash&massive solid brass snap&smart lock
Handcrafted leather dog leash width 1/2 inch with solid brass
Braided leather coupler for walking 2 dogs
Stitched nylon coupler for walking 2 dogs
Chain herm sprenger dog leash with leather handle - dog lead
All weather police dog leash multifunctional
Cord nylon dog leash - dog lead for walking training
Smart Dog Leash With Padded Leather Handle - Chain lead
4 Foot Braided Leash Leather lead
Brown Dog Leash 4 FT width 3/4 inch
Chain Dog Leash -26 inch with leather handle
Dog Leash Coupler - Pet Chain Lead Fancy Nylon Leash 4 foot for Rottweiler LEASH Strong enough to handle Rottweiler 42 inch ( 105cm )
Leather Double Dog Leash Length 30 cm Nylon Dog Leash 180 cm
Leather Dog Leash Stitched with Wax Coated Threads
Walking Dog Leash – 4 foot – Leather dog leash
Braided Leather Dog Leash- Braided Lead (not nickel, not bronze)
Rolled Leather Leash - Walking and Tracking Dog LEAD 4.6 FOOT
Braided Handcrafted Leather Dog Leash $39.95

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