Boiled milk is not a good alternative for feeding of Rottweiler

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Raw eggs may be given only in combination with other products: the yolk of raw egg is mixed with porridge or milk and the puppy is fed just with this mixture. Raw eggwhite should excluded from the dog’s ration completely as the substances contained in it may adversely affect proper shedding promoting dermatitis, intensive fall-off, etc. in the animal.

Boiled eggwhite may be occasionally given to Rottweiler puppies but in advance it must be thoroughly cut very small with a knife. Many dogs like omelette which is cooked in two ways-with water or milk and after cutting it into small pieces the omelette is given to the puppy. For full nourishment the dog, especially a young Rottweiler, needs milk and other dairy products: curd, kefir, curdled milk, cheese.

It is not recommended to boil milk (cow’s or goat’s) which Rottweiler puppy should eat every day. The milk should be periodically changed by curdled milk or kefir. You may cook milk porridges which are given to the puppy in small amounts. Curd is rich in calcium and very useful for normal development and growth of the dog’s skeleton bones.

Curd included in the puppies’ diet must be necessarily fresh. It is not recommended to feed the dog with sweet curd cheese bars instead of curd. One may change this product by some hard pressed cheese or brinsen cheese which is preliminary cut into small pieces. Brewer’s yeast is very useful as well.

They favorably affect the activity of the digestive tract. Day’s allowance must be no more than 1 g of the yeast (for precise evaluation of necessary amount of this nutritional ingredient you should consult a vet).

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