Rottweiler's hind limbs


Hindlimbs of Rottweiler are under much less pressure of corpus and under much less load than forelimbs. However, the structure of Rottweiler’s hindlimbs is more complicated than that of the forelimbs. Rottweiler’s hindlimbs are connected to external edge of pelvic girdle that is found under the dog’s rump.

Structure of Rottweiler’s hindlimbs is as follows: thighs, lower legs, shanks and paws. Proportion and good development of muscles of just these body parts are highly estimated, because hindlimbs of Rottweiler have a dominant role for motor function. According the breed specification joint deflection angles of flank bone, astragalus, cnemis and anticnemion with metatarsus must be blunt.

Correct set of Rotty's hindlimbs
Correct set of Rottweiler’s hindlimbs

When viewed from behind Rottweiler’s hindlimbs must be upright and not too loosely spaced. Pelvis is formed by pretty wide bones. Eliminative and reproductive organs are arranged in this body area. There are hollows in the lower part of haunch bones that unite Rottweiler’s pelvis with whirlbones which form hip joint.

Lower edge of astragalus is attached to the heads of calf-bone and skin bone that form Rottweiler’s stifle. Short bones of hind limb, hock, foot are arranged under the stifle. (from top downward). Pelvic declivity angle has direct effect on fluency and eurhythmy in movement of Rottweiler. If the pelvis is arranged at the right angle to the dog’s back, then when Rottweiler drives off the ground surface its pelvis will raise up.

But if the pelvis is inclined, corpus of the dog will bear the pressure directly upon the rump and then upon the backbone and thus the animal will move forward without jerks and sprints. When Rottweiler stands freely, joint grade angles of haunch bone with astragalus, astragalus with lower leg and lower leg with metatarsus are to be blunt given that the hind limbs are developed and formed properly.

During examination of Rottweiler’s hindlimbs the following deformities may be found: too widely spaced paws or on the contrary, too closely set; turned inward hocks attended by toes-out; ectropic hock that leads to talipes and also dome-shaped disposition of Rottweiler’s hindlimbs.

Deformities in set of Rottweiler’s hind limbs

Deformities in set of Rottweiler’s hind limbs

During examination of Rottweiler the following abnormalities can be found: flatness of stifle, shortcut bones of metatarsus and the sickleness that is characterized by too acute tilt angle of Rottweiler’s stifle. When sickleness of stifle is observed in Rottweiler, the dog moves less freely and it is much harder for it to drive off the ground during movement.

The structure of hind limbs is of great importance for development of Rottweiler’s motor power. Very strong and power hind legs witness that the animal is capable to straighten the limbs in the hips to the maximum. Regularity of hind limb articulation provides development of considerable motor power in Rottweiler, but rectified almost flat joints, on the contrary, break the ability of the dog to move arduously, because repelling force is directed not up but forward.

During examination of Rottweiler, attention is paid to muscular development of cnemis and thigh. These muscles adjoin femoral, skin bone and calf-bone, and it is very important that the bones are to be articulated at the correct deflection angle.

When Rottweiler moves forward especially at a brisk pace, the musculature of its paws is under grave load and tension, therefore Rottweilers need to have well-shaped, strong muscles, that are also well defined when viewed sideways and from behind. So, the dog’s thighs must be wide and too long with well-developed muscles.

Ideally, lower legs are too long and have clear-cut, hard muscles. The hocks of Rottweiler must have a certain slant and be well defined. The paws of the hind limbs are a little longer than the paws of fore limbs, the dactyls are arched, well-pressed to each other. Absence of dewclaws plays an important role.


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