Rottweiler Sleeve Meant for Prosperous Dog Bite Training


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  • Model: PS24#1018 Rottweiler bite sleeve jute

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Sleeve Made of Jute for Rottweiler Bite Training

Are you interested in useful education of your Rottweiler? Then you are recommended to consider our new pet supply at affordable price. It is manually constructed dog bite sleeve destined to be a good assistant tool during various dog training. You can use it for protection work, dog bite skills development, improvement of hunting and other instincts. You can train an adult or young canine with this item. Jute is the material used for fabrication of professional tutorial dog gear. Due to its high tensile strength it will not break in the process of bite dog work or after it – it is a special canine article that is capable of standing the loads of such training. Schutzhund trainers have already appreciated reliability and usability of this sleeve. You cannot imagine how easy to care for the product- it is washable and cleanable.

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Strong Jute Rottweiler Sleeve for Bite Training

Strong Training Rottweiler Sleeve for young and grown dogs

You won’t be able to do without this gear if you are going to develop super strong bite grip in your Rottweiler. To make the best canine is not a dream but a reality if this sleeve is a part of dog bite training. Biting its surface the dog strengthen his grip, learns to bite a moving object, becomes more agile, therefore his protective instincts develops in the required way.

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Adjustable Strap Sewn in Bite Sleeve for Rottweiler Training

Adjustable Strap Helps to Fit This Bite Sleeve Comfortably

Putting of this sleeve on or off your arm is a quick procedure. To secure it duly you should use regulable elbow strap – fit and fix according to your arm’s size. It does not cover shoulder zona but only arm up to the elbow – it is short sleeve to be worn lower the shoulder. Your arm will be totally protected from the bites – it is not necessary for you to be afraid that your dog will bite the fabric through – jute is thick and strong material. Due to solid construction the sleeve will not tear apart if bitten by a dog for long time. The material reshapes after bite work.

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Rottweiler Sleeve for Safe Dog Bite Training

Rottweiler Dog Sleeve Protects the Arm from Dog Teeth Perfectly

Bite Training Dog Sleeve With Handle to Hold It Stronger

Use Inside Handle to Maneuver this Rottweiler Bite Sleeve As You Need

It is super durable article that is sewn with special threads for extreme durability. Probably, you will not want to use other bite equipment if dealing with this one. Equipped with hard inner handle the item is more maneuverable. It will be easy for you to hold the sleeve stronger with the help of this handle. The handle is easy to grasp and convenient to hold.

Key features of this Rottweiler Bite Sleeve:

  • Premium quality material
  • Crafted of natural pet-friendly finest stuff
  • Designed for left and right hand
  • Adjustable strap
  • Comfortable wearing
  • 2 inside handles
  • Firmly stitched

Intended use of this Training Rottweiler Sleeve:

  • Young dog training
  • Adult dog training
  • Police and military dogs training
  • Schutzhund


  • 3 1/3 lb (1,5 kg )

Available colors:

  • Jute material with red trim

It will be comfortable for you to have such a sleeve on your arm as it will cleverly follow its anatomic lines. It is quite lightweight and you will not have trouble lifting it high and moving fast for all the time you work with a dog of yours. The gear does not move around the arm and stays securely on it without getting loose.

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