French Linen Bite Builder for Young Rottweilers Sleeve Training


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  • Model: PBB5F1018 Young Dog Bite Builder made of French Linen

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Upgraded bite builder sleeve of French Linen for puppies and young Rottweiler

Do you want to train your Rottweiler for bite work? Then you need quality bite builder for proper training. This bite builder is ecologically clean, non-toxic and dog-friendly. Your Rottweiler will get the possibility to develop his biting skills for the highest level. The tug is lightweight and equipped with soft handles that makes it very easy in use.

  •  Durable Rottweiler puppy bite builder of French LinenAdvanced Rottweiler puppy bite builder of French Linen
  • Young 

Rottweiler training with strong french linen bite builderRottweiler bite builder with soft bite surface for puppies

Key features of this Bite Builder:

  • 100% dog safe materials
  • Strong material
  • Easy bite grip angle for puppy
  • 2 inside hard handles

Intended use of this Bite Builder:

  • Advanced puppy bite training
  • Stronger grip building
  • Better position grip building
  • Building full bite grip


  • French linen


  • Colors may change

This bite builder manufactured of French Linen is one of the best supplies existing to start young Rottweiler bite skills training. The sleeve is made of strong, dog-safe materials and has an ergonomic design. It means that this bite builder sleeve will serve you and your dog during long time. Durable sturdy handles padded inside will help the trainer to keep the bite builder sleeve safely and firmly when using one or two hands. This is a shortened bite builder sleeve that was especially designed for frontal bites. It gives the coucher an opportunity to move his hand rather freely and have some space for maneuvering. Develop your Rottweiler prey drive with this sleeve and train him some basic commands. You will also train his protection instinct and control the strength of your dog's bite.

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