Nylon Dog Leash with padded handle

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  • Model: L10##1018 Nylon dog leash with support material on the handle

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Patrolling Nylon Dog Leash For Rottweiler

Need a leash for working with Rottweiler? Here we offer you this dog training leash made of safe for dogs material. The leash is manufactured of nylon and has padded handle. The leash is created in accordance with the highest quality standards. The leash is not rub the skin of the dog. The handle of the leash is made of soft leather material for your comfort.

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  • Training Nylon Dog Leash With Padded Handle For Rottweiler Training Nylon Rottweiler Leash With Padded Handle
  • Brass Snap Hook On Nylon Dog Leash For Rottweiler Brass Snap Hook On Nylon Dog Leash With Support Material For Rottweiler

Key features of this Rottweiler Leash:

  • 4/5 inch (20 mm) wide excellent double ply nylon
  • Best leather support material on handle
  • Strong brass snap hook
  • Stitched qualitatively
  • Corrosion and rust resistant hardware

Intended use of this Rottweiler Leash:

  • walking
  • Training
  • Tracking
  • Patrolling

Sizes available:

  • 4 ft (120 cm)
  • 6 ft (180 cm)

Available colors:

  • Black

This nylon leash very functional. You can use it during different types of activities such as: patrolling, tracking, training or walking. We can ensure you that this item is durable enough to withstand even the most active Rottweiler.

Our craftsmen use thick, high-quality nylon which is resistant to tearing. The important characteristic of this fabric is that it can be applied during any weather conditions: walk with your Rottweiler when it is rain or snow without being afraid that material can crack or spoil.

Careful and durable stitching makes this equipment even more reliable and will overcome extra loads. High level of comfort and secure will provide you and your Rottweiler with effective training.

Each small part of this leash is resistant to rust and corrode. The snap hook is almost unbreakable.

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