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  • Model: L7###1018 Leather leash with brass snap hook

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New Leather Dog Leash Braid from Handle to Snap Hook! Amazing Lead Presentation!

Look attentively at your Rottweiler, please. Do not you find that his appearance lacks something? The question is his necessary adornment. Without adorning powerful canine you are unlikely to make him a celebrity of your yard. Just imagine, your doggie is walking outside but surrounding people come to a stop with their mouths forming an “O”? Is not this picture worth contemplating? When you lead your Rottweiler on our New Braided Dog Training Leash you can be sure of provoking just that very effect upon gapers.

Each our dog article is able to impress dog handler no matter what it is. For example, this dog accessory is very impressive mean due to its extra ordinary design. It was designed under guidance of talented artists, famous implementers, qualified creators and many other authorized people who are allowed to manufacture high quality dog things. This time you can get one of the most sophisticated dog lead – elegant and fashion leather leash that is the same beautiful and reliable.

If you listen to our vital recommendations as for training your Rottweiler with this leash you will manage to turn your canine into best dog – well-trained and good-mannered. Thanks to painful efforts of our makers it is always possible for us to gladden dearest customers of ours with most preferred dog accessories – demandable, safe and dependable. Our dog goods are sure to do you only good! Pet supplies to be made by our staff r wanted and adored. Why to choose worst expensive equipment in other dog shops if it is a great opportunity to buy those which quality and comfort are unquestionable.

Dogs are amazing living beings that are to be treated in a special way. This Braided Dog Training Leash will take your fancy once you start using it! Rottweiler dog breed is to be worn in best dog gear – the one created by distinguished designers! This product is just shown here – it is this handmade leash. Our leads are strongest worldwide as they are made in line with all the standards and of course, from best materials.

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Designer leather dog lead for large dog breeds

Newest leather dog leash is braided from snap hook to the handle

Best leather leash with handle and snap hook

Excellent braided canine lead with padded handle and strong snap hook

Key features of this Rottweiler Dog Leash:

  • Full grain 100 % leather
  • Brass snap hook
  • Easy-to-use
  • 3/4 inch wide
  • Beautiful braids
  • Stitched for beauty and strength
  • Nappa padded convenient handle
  • Duly riveted in stress points
  • Extra durable

Intended use of this Rottweiler Dog Leash:

  • Successful and easy training
  • Regular walking
  • Dog handling
  • Other dog activities

Sizes available:

  • 4 ft (120 cm)

Available colors:

  • Black
  • Brown

This leash’s advantages are prominent in fact, those that are not peculiar to goods of other producers.

Benefits of this Leather Leash sound like that:

Leather material of premium quality. We use top notch leather for our leather accessories – it is full grain natural leather which gentleness and strength are great. It is moderately flexible leather. When leather is flexible it serves much longer and looks better. High tensile strength of the leather prevents it from breaking when your Rotty pulls on the leash hard.

Great functionality. This is the leash you may use for both training and walking. Walking your dog on this leash you will be able to control him to the maximum – drawing him near to you in case of his moving away from you. When you set about your dog’s training – this leash is here to assist you in most complicated situations connected with your dog’s disobedience.

Pleasure to handle. With this leash you will never feel uncomfortable. Grab the handle without doubt – do not be afraid of your dog’s dreadful leash pulling – the handle will not rub your palm- it is carefully padded with Nappa leather from inside.

At last, its splendid but well-thought exterior. This Braided Dog Training Leash is famous for its sophisticated design - the one developed in the atmosphere of friendship, collectivism, kindness, responsibility, trust, professionalism and many other human dignities….

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