Dog Leash Coupler - Pet Chain Lead Made in Germany


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  • Model: HS90#1018 51993 061 02 Chain Coupler

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Dog Leash Coupler - Pet Chain Lead

Need special chain coupler to walk 2 dogs at the same time? Then you should pay your attention to this one. We use durable chrome plated steel for producing this equipment. It is perfect for coupler leash for such powerful dogs as Rottweilers. The length of the item is 12 inch (30 cm). The width of the link is 4.00 mm. This coupler look gorgeous and will serve for a many years!

Dog Leash Coupler - Pet Chain Lead

We believe in using solid metal snap hooks which are reliable over long period of time and very strong in regards to tension and pressure. Of course the best is stainless steel and we use those as well, however please note that stainless steel snaps are expansive. When you make your decision about purchasing leash please think about for how long you would like to use it. So you might realize that usually paying a few dollars extra for better leash which can be used for 6-10 years is wise decision. This collar is made in Germany by Herm Sprenger Company, known for their quality equipment. By choosing this coupler, you can be sure that it will serve your dogs for many years. This coupler is perfect for walking large breeds, like your Rottweiler. Order this coupler now and enjoy walking your four-footed friends!

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