Handpainted by our artists leather best dog collar-Barbed Wire

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  • Model: C78##1018 Rottweiler gear dog collar

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Phenomenal Leather Collar Sports Barbed Wire Paining – Accessory for Rottweiler

Ideal dog equipment helps in making your pet well-mannered individual. Do not you mind this event’s happening, do you? Look at this amazing collar made by professional makers – is not it a great invention? It has sophisticated painting applied by special advanced technologies that in turn gives an explanation to zero toxicity of this hand crafted product of our craftsmasters.

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Trendy Canine Collar for Rottweilers

Beautiful Hand Painted Leather Dog Collar for Rottweilers Looks Great

You should buy this facility for your pet if you desire for his achievements in training! It is our comparatively new invention for great dogs like Rottweilers– super stylish accessory for dogs-fashionmongers – Barbed Wire painted ammunition – excellent Custom Leather Dog Collar with unique painting! Do you want your pet to distinguish himself from the crowd?? If positive – you are recommended to decide in favor of our new trendy facility for dogs – stout and hyperactive ones. Your Rottweiler needs your love and care that are easy to provide when our educative gear is used. Prove that you love your dog dearly – hedge him with due attention and training prospects – do your best to raise a most successful canine! Rottweiler breed is trainable and manageable if equipped with due ammunition.

Fashion tendencies have got around dog world. It is not possible to deny the fact that dogs look better and more handsome when wearing appropriate accessories. Do not be negligent to choose special equipment for your canine – great powerful Rottweiler! This hand crafted and painted collar will be ideal equipment for measuring your dog’s physical abilities as well as his IQ. You must (not should) train him properly for achievement of desirable training results. Again, you need to wear your Rottweiler in vintage accessory in order to have a best canine in the nearest future. This dog collar is famous for its modernity, glossiness, best craftsmanship etc..

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  • Handpainted leather collarCustom made leather dog collar is accented with trendy painting
  • Elegant dog collarRottweiler Custom Leather Dog Collar is irreplaceable in your dog's life


Key features of this Rottweiler Collar:

  • Constructed from top notch cow hide
  • Fashionable painting
  • Stunning craftsmanship
  • Non-corrodible nickel plated hardware
  • Easy-to-use
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Resistant to tear and wear
  • Top notch rivets
  • Handmade

Intended use of this Rottweiler Collar:

  • Walking in style
  • Obedience training
  • Management of big dogs
  • Other dog activities

Sizes available:

  • 1 1/2 inch (40 mm) wide

Available colors:

  • Black

How to measure your Rottweiler for good fit Collar:

how to measure

Please be advised that:

  • For buckle collar when you specify neck size we will make collar fit on central hole.
  • There will be total of 5 holes and distance between each 2 holes is 1 inch (25 mm).
  • For example: your dogs neck size is 20 inches (50 cm). Collar will fit on central hole at 20 inches (50 cm).
  • There will be 2 smaller size holes - 18 inch (45 cm) and 19 inch (47.5 cm).
  • There will be 2 bigger size holes - 21 inch (52.5 cm) and 22 inch (55 cm).
  • There will also be tip of the collar after last hole about 2 inch long (5 cm).
  • Those are handcrafted collars and some sizes will differ a little (not in significant way).
  • 2 ply leather collars and padded leather collars are 1 inch bigger to make sure that it will fit your dog.

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Painted Rottweiler Collar with Hard Buckle and D-Ring

Easiest Attachment of A Leash is Possible Because of Extended Dee Ring

Be aware of the collar’s advantages before leaving this special page dedicated to some interesting qualities of the leather collar. This art collar cannot be used occasionally – this is an everyday mean for managing large dogs. Exquisite painting decorates this leather strap. Without this painting the collar will look ordinary.

Do you know, that you are going to get most dependable dog equipment? Accredited experts work at this specialized creation to make it demandable and glorious. Moreover, our creators manufacture this collar with the view of versatile usage. It goes without saying that the remarkable exterior of this collar will be a cup of tea always as dog handlers prefer sophisticated things for their pets. When walking their Rottweilers they will forget their problems and dislocations. Do you know that Barbed Wire is in fashion now?? If not, be in haste to get this hand painted dog equipment.

This dog collar is painted with water resistant paint that will never come off because of regular wear of this collar! This painting looks like natural that is difficult to take for artificial one! One may think that he can needle his finger if touching the wire!

It is full grain ideal leather that collar is made of! What do you know about full grain leather? Do you know that it is stretch- wearproof material that looks better with frequent usage? But it’s genuine truth!! Wear your canine in the collar as often as possible and you will not be able to believe nice metamorphoses the Custom Leather Dog Collar undergoes during this practice.

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