Puppy and Young Rottweiler Bite Builder made of French Linen


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  • Model: PBB3F1018 Puppy bite builder french linen

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French Linen Bite Builder for Rottweiler

Need a reliable bite builder for training your young Rottweiler?

Then order this excellent training supply and start training your pet straight off the ice! This item will make training your dog easy and pleasant.

Designed specially for puppies, this French Linen bite developer is comfortable for young dogs biting. The convenience for dog trainer is guaranteed by soft padded inside handles. You and your dog will be pleased with this amazing item!

  •  Safe Rottweiler puppy bite builder of French LinenReliable Rottweiler puppy bite builder made of French Linen
  • Young Rottweiler training with new french linen bite builderRottweiler bite builder with soft bite surface for puppies training

Key features of this Bite Builder:

  • 100% dog safe materials
  • Strong material
  • Perfect for puppy training
  • D-ring for leash attachment
  • 2 padded hard handles
  • Round nylon soft handle in the middle

Intended use of this Bite Builder:

  • Advanced puppy bite training
  • Stronger grip building
  • Better position grip building
  • Building full bite grip

What you should know about this Rottweiler Bite Builder:

Our craftsmen have used for producing of this dog item only high quality materials such as french linen. This material is perfect for production of dog bite sleeves. It withstands easily excessive overload and is tear resistant. So, you may be sure that your powerful Rottweiler won't tear it. Also this Bite Builder is incredibly safe for use as it doesn't contain any outside metal or plastic parts.

Don't have much experience in dog training? Don't worry, this Bite Builder is very easy in use. This dog gear is equipped with two inside handles that are soft padded in order not to rub your palms while long training sessions. There is also outside nylon handle which is used for transportation. You can use this item for basic training of your puppy as it has right angle bite bar for biting and building stronger grip.

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