Rotweiler: Exterior and way of behavior

Appearance and nature of Rottweiler puppy

Habitus of puppy is very important. Specialists often recommend choosing puppies of Rottweiler with dark tan of their coat. It is largely due to better health of these puppies, they are less susceptible to infection and other diseases. When choosing Rottweiler puppy you should consider that hair of Rottweiler’s puppies tends to whiten after first shedding but if an infant puppy has whitish tan then its hair will more whitish in future.

If the Rottweiler puppy that you are going to buy is already 12-13 weeks old then its head proportions are to be almost similar to head proportions of adult Rottweiler. Starting from 16-week old age and older their heads are almost of the same size.

When choosing Rottweiler puppy you may use proportion determination method. First of all you should conceptually construct a square the lower border of which will pass through the lobe of the puppy’s nose but the upper line will cut the junction line from the frontal line to the muzzle. At that one should pay attention to the muzzle-it must be rather wide than oblongish, extended.

Then you should conceptually draw another square: the lower line is to be in agreement with the junction line from the frontal part to the muzzle, but the upper line is to pass along the cervical line. Given that the proportions are optimum you will have a quadrate.

Then you should construct two squares and the lower border of the first one will pass through the bottom line of the lower jaw, but the upper line will pass through the junction line from the frontal part to the puppy’s muzzle. The lower border of the other square is to align with the line transiting from the frontal part to the muzzle, but the upper one is to pass along the bulge of Rottweiler puppy’s forehead.

The muzzle will have regular proportions in that case if the height of the first square will a little more than that of the second’s. Then you should draw an imaginary line along the dog’s skull and then another line along the upper part of the muzzle. If both the lines are almost parallel to each other it means that the proportion is fulfilled in this case.

Dog Rottweiler
Qualification of proportions of Rottweiler’s head

When choosing Rottweiler puppy one should turn attention to the curve of the upper jaw; the weaker it is defined the better. The muzzle of such Rottweiler in proportion to its growth will look rather wide than oblongish.

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