A lot of factors affect favoarable choice of Rottweiler

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It is preferably to buy a puppy in the presence of a veterinarian or speacialist-cynologist that is sound on determination of optimum characteristics concerning physical state of dogs. It is necessary to pay attention to body mass of Rottweiler puppy. Rottweiler at the age of 1 month old is to weigh 3.4-4.5 kg (if there are 1-4 puppies in litter), 3-4 kg (if there are 5-8 puppies born).

A specialist will help you to find out whether your Rottweiler puppy suffers from inborn cardiac disease, whether its bite is correct or not, if the puppy is overweight or not. (Rottweiler is to be tallow, but in no case overfed). You should pay your attention to housing conditions where Rottweiler puppies were kept, whether their containment place was clean and orderly.

It is one more issue connected with choosing a season for buying Rottweiler puppy. A puppy taken from a breeder in spring gets possibility to go for a walk during the time when first green grass comes into being and a lot of sunny days are available. Such puppy provided that it has good regular nutrition is almost guaranteed to be healthy and strong.

Rottweiler puppies taken in autumn time are usually known to be tallow in already first weeks of their life because mother’s milk is netter rich of nutritious matters during this period. Heredity considerably has effect on working abilities of dogs, their healthy status and compliance with breed standards. Dog breeder should provide you with maximum information on Rottweiler puppy’s parents.

Taking into account less favorable weather conditions in fall time you will have to walk with your dog not for a long time and the same time increasing their frequency: indeed, in any case no matter if you purchase a puppy in spring or in autumn, it must be broken to discipline; a habit of asking for emptying outside is to be developed in Rottweiler puppy.

Many think that it is better to take Rottweiler puppy from a Kennel as earlier as possible claiming that the younger dog the less number of unwanted impressions it manages to get and consequently the sooner it will be able to get accustomed to its new owner.

However in that case it will be more difficult for a buyer to avoid mistakes while choosing Rottweiler puppy and evaluating its merits and demerits according to Rottweiler breed standard. The matter is that characteristics of breed standard become more evident when Rottweiler puppy reaches 3 months old at least.

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