Receipt of documents; transportation, adaptation of Rottweiler

Obtaining of canine documents According by the rules of Fédération Cynologique Internationale that are valid in the territory of Europe and USA, the Rottweilers that do not have foreign foregoers in their genealogy can’t be bred. Dog breeder must necessarily have a certificate for every Rottweiler puppy where his right to possession of this puppy is confirmed.

The certificate must also contain identification code of a dog and this code is to be tattooed in its certain body area–on the ear or on the flank. When buying Rottweiler puppy, along with other documents, its new owner gets puppy certificate where information about the dog is contained. Besides, dog buyer will have to affix a signature in specially drawn up document on examination of the purchase.

Certificate of birth is a main document which necessarily should contain such information as nickname of dog itself as well as its parents, dog tag, date of birth, coat color, address of the breeder who handed Rottweiler to new owner; surname, name and patronymic of new dog owner and his residential address. Certificate of birth is effective with requisites of Kennel club and club stamp.

Transportation of Rottweiler and its adaptation

So, Rottweiler puppy was bought from a breeder and now the dog id destined to go off on its first journey to the place of its new residence. Transportation of Rottweiler to house is not an easy task and in that case one needs to bear in mind some peculiarities of animal transportation. It is not recommended to carry Rottweiler puppy home in public transport especially if the distance is not short.

It is preferably to use a car but to ask a breeder not to feed the puppy before the drive. The matter is that young dogs often feel uncomfortable during ride in car; it may be car-sick and feel nausea. Therefore journey to the house of new owner will be better on an empty stomach.

Specialists often recommend a new dog owner taking Rottweiler puppy from a Kennel to take along some object from amongst those that were surrounding it during its dwelling in a breeder. Thus, little Rottweiler will sooner do away with the feeling of desolation inside strange house, it will easier undergo separation from its mother and previous familiar place of stay.

It would be very good if first days or weeks of Rottweiler puppy’s staying at home were in agreement with its owner’s vacation or at least with weekends. Then you will be able to contribute maximum care and attention to the pet, during this very important for it period of adaptation to new residence and new owners.

One must also see about arrangement of dog place in the house. One should separate the territory for sleeping, feeding, playing of Rottweiler puppy. Choosing of place for a rug where the puppy is supposed to be sleeping matters a lot not only for normal development of the dog but also for convenience of its owners.

It is not recommended to arrange a sleeping ledge for Rottweiler puppy in proximity to heat reservoirs (for example, near central battery), because in this case your fosterling will quickly get accustomed to excess heat in the building and will feel uncomfortable at low temperatures. You may not place dog rug in a draught or near the doors either. continue reading this article please click on here...


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