Creating of safe housing conditions for Rottweiler puppy

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Primarily one should provide conditions for Rottweiler puppy to have quiet, deep sleep; the room where the puppy will live must be light, dry and crowed with furniture. It is better to organize a place for Rottweiler puppy in the corner near window as here it will feel most comfortable.

It is most likely that at first even if housing conditions are excellent, Rottweiler puppy will accustom itself to new environment with difficulty, start whimpering nightly and one should involve own household in guarding the baby during the hours of darkness.

It is important to understand how one should hold Rottweiler puppy if it is the necessity to take it in arms. In many cases the baby is taken off the floor incorrectly and as a result the dog is likely to get hurt or have a severe shock. In order to prevent this accident one should treat it very carefully. It needs to take the dog in arms, placing one hand under fore paws, and using the other you should hold the dog behind the neck and head.

It is also another way of taking the puppy: to take up it under its fore paws with one hand and hold it from below with the other hand. From the first minutes of Rottweiler puppy’s existence at home one should try to break it to the place designed for it intentionally. For that it owner may lead puppy to its rug and point to it by tapping on the rug several times while saying: “Place, place!”

Gradually Rottweiler puppy will start to comprehend that just this place where it will have to sleep now but not where it likes. Free choice of place for sleeping is a privilege for adult Rottweilers of course if their owners do not object. It is also reasonable to reflect on creating of safe living conditions for Rottweiler puppy. Any sharp, too loud sounds such as door bang, work of some electric appliances, instruments, etc may frighten puppy.

Electric wires available in the buildings are not to be within the grasp of a dog. One should keep order in the room as any small objects, especially those with fine edges, scattered along the floor and forgotten by owners may be of serious hazard to Rottweiler puppy.

When playing the dog may ingest them or injure itself. It is not recommended to leave muddy shoes: dogs almost always are attracted to boots and slides but mud is true germination bed of diseases that are dangerous not only for domestic pets but also for a person. It is better to put footwear in such place that will out of Rottweiler puppy’s reach.

Thus you will manage to insure a four-footed friend from possible infection but footwear from impending death. You should not allow your friends and acquaintances to feed Rottweiler puppy with all possible dairies. The dog must get accustomed to getting food and only out of its owner’s hands. continue reading this article please click on here...


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