Requirements for bed and toys of Rottweiler puppy

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There some words as for sleeping place for Rottweiler puppy how it is to be arranged. A rug for puppy may be prepared from several layers of compact but not piled cloth or tarpaulin. In order to prevent rug from sliding over the floor one should fasten thin wooden lathes on its inner side.

The rug must not be too small: its optimum size is 60-70 cm or 70-100cm. If you plan to change a rug in future then in no case you should change its location. It may lead to troubles during education of Rottweiler for necessary commands. So, when performing the command “Place!” such Rottweiler puppy will turn to be totally disoriented in space and it will take a lot of efforts for it to get accustomed to new location of sleeping rug.

Already in the first days Rottweiler puppy must learn to recognize its owner.

When keeping Rottweiler puppy it is very important to be attentive to it. The fostering of course must not feel abandoned and forgotten and at the same time one should not show only endless love and care during all day long, patronize it permanently. In this case golden middle, as the saying is, will be an ideal variant.

Rottweiler puppy should realize that its owner is a careful friend who will always come to its rescue but at that one should make it possible for the dog to develop all peculiarities of its personality and not to deprive it of active playing, physical stress, etc. Besides rug, Rottweiler puppy should have toys that are necessary for training of its teeth (especially when milk teeth are replaced with permanent ones).

As toys you may use small rubber balls or meat bones otherwise the puppy will gnaw bedroom slippers or legs of chairs with its sharp teeth. The bone meant for amusement of four-footed friend is to be preliminary cleaned from meat, washed, dried and fried on a frying pan.

But if you find out that your Rottweiler puppy is interested in wooden things and you are afraid for safety of furniture, it is recommended to make another toy for it: cut off an even thickest twig from a tree. One may use artificial bones sold in zoo-shops as well as fresh vegetables and fruit among those that are included in the dog’s diet , for example, potato bulb, carrot or big hard pear ( more detailed information on feeding Rottweiler puppies (both boys and girls) will be found below ).

Already in the first days of its life in new house Rottweiler puppy should learn how to treat its owner correctly and point out him among the other family members. One should never forget that education of Rottweiler as a tracker dog or a guard dog is a business of a single person, its owner, but not of all his acquaintances and friends.

Therefore it is very important to teach the dog to obey the commands given only by its owner, take food only out of his hands, play and comprehend the letters of training only with him.

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