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Historical reference:
Rottweiler is one of the oldest dog breeds. Its origin throws far back to the history of Roman Empire. Since the old days forefathers of these dogs helped to pasture and drive cattle for great distances. They came to Europe from mountain valleys through the Alps together with Roman legions.

In southern Germany these dogs were mixing with local breeds naturally resulting in the breed named as a Rottweiler. The breed got its name due to homonymous German city Rottweil and was known as a “Rottweil dog of butchers” for a long time. Butchers and brewers were breeding these dogs not only for transportation of their products but also for guard of them.

The dogs of this breed were distinguished from other breeds by high vigilance and devotion to its owner. Later, in the beginning of XX century, the breed was employed in police service, where it deserved the reputation of true police dog and that fact was officially registered in 1910.

Dog breeders dealing with Rottweilers were aiming to add such traits to the dog as a black bailer with carrot tan, strength, agility, nobility and tranquility that in the judgment of theirs must characterize genuine companion of a human being.

It is a serious, balanced dog. Rottweiler is a self-confident dog and if being educated correctly it does not spend own power for useless conflicts. Despite Rottweiler is a very powerful dog it is not a fighter among canine individuals. This dog is very intelligent in order to be involved in waste dog squabbles.

But if the matter is concerned with his own territory, property or family’s security then Rottweilers are tireless and fearless guardians and soldiers. Rottweilers are notorious for being aggressive blusterers- people themselves make them such. If a child will be thrown upon his own resources he is likely to make Einstein or Beethoven. So, the same situation is with Rottweilers.

If a puppy is being raised as a child, it will make sense. (It takes a lot of time for education during first months of dog life). If a puppy is being given for himself and growing up according to his “notions” then you will get a monster falling himself upon everything on realizing that he possesses a great power. Rottweiler is a worthy rival for a person. Any large dog clearly understands its advantages over a person.

A clever, proud Rottweiler will never tolerate offences and humiliations. During education and training Rottweiler quickly and intelligibly digests habits being inculcated to him. Rottweilers are very cute and smart. The command this dog learns once will be remembered by him strongly. But, this absolutely does not mean that Rottweiler is going to execute it.

Rottweiler will be testing you to the limit for long time. Understanding non-obligation of resigning himself to a person, Rottweiler looks for weak point in his owner on and on, tries paces for persistence, patience, tests for will power and self-possession, disposition. But supposing your demand is not necessarily to perform?

If not to insist on executing the command every time, then having understood a slackitude of subordination, Rottweiler will not ever think of its execution next time! For people knowing the breed this behavioral treat of Rottweilers is not a problem, but the beginners will not always be able to evaluate real state of things correctly at that thinking that Rottweiler takes off the edge or does not understand.
Rottweiler is a partner to be considered and respected. If treated with care, patience and appreciation, Rottweilers are sure to return devotion and love to their owners. Rottweiler’s puppies excellently adapt in new house and get along with new family members; they accept rules and life order of the family members, wonderfully accommodating themselves to such situations.

Rottweilers take over their owners habits well and sometimes one can be surprised at: one had scarcely done something, when Rottweiler already performed a action wanted from him in that current situation. The Rottweiler in a remarkable manner accustoms to pace of living of a person and their habits become identical to its own boss.

Rottweiler knows you and your habits better than you. Rottweiler always tries to help and be of service to its owner. For the sake of its owner Rottweiler is ready to survive any adversities so as only to be together. Rottweiler is a four-footed friend who can bring you to dog world, to teach you understand it, and treat our dumb animal with attention and compassion.

Rottweiler is able to teach you how to love. It can love with its whole heart, not for any reason, but come hell or high water. Rottweiler, educated properly, is a full family member. Rottweiler lives a family life and its problems. When family conflicts occur, Rottweiler holds a position of a peacemaker, who silently plants himself between the conflicting parties appealing for them to leave quarreling and live amicably.

When family members plan something, Rottweiler is already here trying to assist in every way. Rottweiler can teach how to fight for relatives. At any moment, in spite of pain, fear and numeric advantage of assaulters, this dog is ready to place himself forward in the face of danger and fight selflessly and deliriously, putting death before defeat.

Sooth to say, this ability momentously, without reflecting, to summon up oneself for protection of own family, neglecting fear and own safety, strikes. It seems that ability for self-preservation is absent out and away in the Rottweiler. But the conflict is over, the wounds remind about themselves, pain arrives and it is clear to understood that Rottweilers suffer from pain and wounds none the less that we.

But these wonderful creatures do not whine but accept life blows very sturdily. But do not think that if you bring Rottweiler at your home you will immediately get a guard. You will be disappointed. A dog, despite its breed overwhelmingly will avoid something endangering its own safety- self-preservation instinct. One thing is to bark at the passers-by, but the other is when someone will be beating Rottweiler hard.

Here, notwithstanding fearless fame of the breed, you will rather stay on your own tod with assaulters. But if you put your heart in Rottweiler’s education, find common language with this animal, then –YES. Then, you will hardly find a more faithful and devoted companion in the face of any danger. But the Rottweiler has one just stunning drawback..The life of this breed is limited. They live a short life.

So is it worth bringing a puppy-Rottweiler at home? What one should expect after appearance the puppy at home? In order to live with Rottweiler in harmony, one should change own personality and reduce oneself to discipline. Rottweilers are the dogs which need in hard physical exercises to have proper body development and good health. There can be the following occupations: swimming, run, bike and walking excursions.

But the Rottweiler is not sprinter. This dog does not need scurries. Distant, many-hours-long walks are preferable for Rottweilers. Are you ready to dedicate so much time for your Rottweiler? Otherwise, being alone in a flat, the dog will find an outlet for its power and energy by breaking furniture and damaging domestic property. What your Rottweiler will make in proportion to its growth totally depends on you.

Rottweillers do not stand being chained. While being tied down, the nature of Rottweiler becomes worse very fast and inconvertibly. People taking this dog as a bandog bury mine of delayed action for themsleves.
Rottweiler is one of the most popular breeds in the world. Many people dream to have a brave and dependable friend beside, however, Rottweiler is not the dog for everyone.

It will admit only the authority of strong, self-confident owner. Therefore, before pretty black puppy appears at your home, you should think very well how far you are ready for education of this serious dog.



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