Tests for Rottweiler puppies. Test results

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Let’s consider a number of main tests applied in that case:
  1. Observation of Rottweiler puppy reaction to unknown people.
  2. You should watch its way of behavior during first acquaintance with people.
  3. You should scrouch down in front of Rottweiler puppy that is being supervised. After that you should abruptly draw yourself erect and then scrouch down again.
  4. You should steadily approach the puppy and clearly slap hands several times over it head.
  5. You should take a bunch of keys or some other clinking object, for example, metallic bell-flower and throw it down in close proximity to the puppy.
  6. Holding some object in the hand (a newspaper, rolled up packet, strap, etc), you should raise and level down it several times over the puppy’s head several times.
After that you may resume the tests. If during testing Rottweiler puppy did not show any signs of uncertainty, fear susceptibility, nervous excitation, abjection or apathy, as well as did not get to respond to the actions by irrepressible, hysterical barking then the results of testing may be considered quite satisfactory.

The result of the first testing is also important: ideally a testee puppy must not show elation responding to the presence of an unknown person. After undergoing test only those Rottweilers deserve a positive assessment which showed moderate interest, investigative reaction to external irritants and actions of a nearby person.

In this case Rottweiler puppy is to be just a little aggressive. As a preliminary testing for Rottweiler puppies you may use a test worked out by American researchers. It is meant for qualification of nature and behavior of the dog living in a Kennel. The test is designed for Rottweiler puppies which are already 7 weeks old.

It ought to be noted that older dogs that are 8-10 weeks old must not fall udder excessive psychological stresses because during this period their phren is under getting of very important impressions that are necessary for further development of Rottweiler puppies and these impressions are connected with experience and overcoming of various fears.

Probable physical traumas that the babies get at this age are quite undesirable. Reaction to unknown people is an important criterion of puppy selection and one should not neglect it. Testing must be carried out by an unauthorized person who has never met his fosterling puppy before.

It is extremely important that a testing person should treat the dog in a calm, kindly manner. The results are summed up upon completion of every test (a puppy gets a certain estimate) and then the grand total based on average performance of testing results is fixated.

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