Testing results and observations as for choosing Rottweiler

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  • Test # 1. Rottweiler puppy’s response to an unknown person. A testing person records results of social orientation of Rottweiler specifying such qualities as subordinate behavior or, on the contrary, self-confidence.
  • Test#2. The ability of Rottweiler puppy to obey its owner is determined. During this testing it becomes clear whether the dog will follow a person moving forward or will show its absolute independence ignoring the intentions of a testing person to carry it with him.
  • Test#3. Degree of the puppy’s obedience is qualified there. It may show obedience fast without any additional actions on it or even provided that they are available.
  • Test#4. Rottweiler puppy’s attitude to its congeners is evaluated, proneness rate to social influence.
  • Test#5. Behavior of Rottweiler puppy is observed under stressful, unusual circumstances. At that you should pick up the dog in arms supporting it from below and slightly elevate above the ground.
  • Test#6. By this you check the puppy’s liability to interaction with a human being, further communication with its owner, presence of some interest when new things come into sight.
  • Test#7. Degree of Rottweiler puppy’s sensitiveness during contact with objects is evaluated.
  • Test#8. Response to sound irritants is evaluated during this testing.
  • Test#9. Sensitiveness control during Rottweiler puppy’s visual comprehension of founding environment is carried out.
So, the results of observations and tests will help you to make head or tail of the puppy’s attitude to people and its congeners, to understand how quickly and easily the puppy will get accustomed to a new owner and new way of living, to show the best qualities of Rottweiler breed to the full extent.

When the choice is already made you should base on concise recommendations of dog breeder. It needs to note that experienced, hipped on own profession breeders often take an interest in further stages of development of sold by him Rottweiler dog over all its life in its owner’s house and such breeders are ready to come to the aid of the latter if some problems connected with education and management of four-footed pet arise.

 Rottweiler breed
Stubborn puppies may make excellent guard dogs.

Getting Rottweiler you should pay attention to a number of puppies in a litter. The probability of having an underfed, liable to rachitis and other grave diseases Rottweiler puppy considerably reduces if there are no more that 6 puppies in a litter. Taking this fact into account, many dog breeders successfully cope with planning problems as for population of puppies in litter that in turn increases the chances of coming up of a strong, healthy litter.

You should ask dog breeder about the age of a mother whose puppy you are choosing. It is better to take Rottweilers born from the bitch that is less than 2 but not more than 8 years old. Moreover, if previous labour was not later than one year ago than it is quite undesirable to buy such puppy. Frequent lying-in and short interval between matings may considerably weaken health and immunity of both the mother herself and her puppies.

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