Stainless steel dog pinch collar - 50004 55 1/8 inch (3.25 mm)

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  • Model: HS24#1018 50004 (55) (3.25) Pinch Collar

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Timeproof Dog Pinch Collar for Rottweiler

Do you want to have top quality equipment for obedience dog training? Then use pinch collars in a dog training! It is a proven method to make the dog obedient! This collar is made of stainless steel. So, it is super strong, corrosion resistant and long-lasting. The collar has 2 O-rings for leash attachment.

  • Extra Strong Rottweiler HS Pinch Collar Rottweiler HS Pinch Collar with red tag
  • Strong Rottweiler Dog Collar for Better BehaviorRottweiler pinch HS collar of stainless steel

Key features of this Dog Collar:

  • Red tag (HS-Germany)
  • Prongs evenly arranged around the collar
  • Super strong
  • 2 O-rings for leash attachment
  • Synchronous work of the middle links

Intended use of this Dog Collar:

  • To train your dog to obey
  • Safe walking
  • To solve problems with behavior

Sizes available:

  • 23 inch (58 cm) in length
  • 3.25 mm (1/8 inch) prong's diameter


  • Stainless steel

Herm Sprenger Training collar

Before using the pinch collar you should know that the thickness of the wire used in each and every link has to be chosen as big as possible. The blunt heads have to be rounded off very carefully in order to spare dog from any injuries of the skin. Separating any two links or using one of the other 'quick-release' style of pinch collars, open the collar like a necklace and place it around your Rottweiler's throat. For the obvious reason to prevent eye injury, the prong shouldn't be slipped over the dog's head. Note: If you're able to slip a pinch collar over his head comfortably, it would certainly be not a good fit in the throat area!

The size of this specific Pinch Dog Collar is 23 inch (58 cm) with prong's diameter - 3.25 mm (1/8 inch). The weight of this Dog Collar is about 7 oz (200 g). If your dog's neck circumference is more than 21 inch (50 cm), you can order an additional link, that will add 1 2/5 inch (3.5 cm) to the total collar length.

Stainless steel has lots of benefits over the usual steel. It won't become rusty even if has contact with water.

And, you have the advantage of better breaking load which will give you even higher security and longer lifespan. All Herm Sprenger stainless steel chains are marked with protective HS labels. All rings are correspondingly stamped.

The most important features of this HS Pinch Dog Collar are:

  • it perfectly suits Rottweilers
  • it will do for any areas of dog training, as well as in daily life
  • it looks beautiful on dog's neck

Warnings about Pinch Dog Collars:
  • never leave your dog alone, when wearing a Pinch Collar, because injuries may occur!
  • pinch collar should be put on and taken off before and after daily training sessions
  • you should choose precise collar size
  • if you don't remove enough links the collar will hang down on the dog's neck which will result in the collar not working the way it was designed
  • or if if you don't add enough links depending on the size of your dog's neck the pet can have problems with easy breathing.

You can also purchase Nylon Removable Protector for this Pinch Collar:
  • it reduces contact with water
  • it protects against excessive light reflection
  • collar is less noisy
  • it does not look like pinch collar - looks like regular collar

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1/11 inch (2.25 mm) link diameter New Stainless Steel Dog Pinch Collar - 50135 010 (55)- 1/11 inch (2.25 mm)

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