Stainless steel dog pinch collar - 50045 (55) 1/6 inch (3.99 mm)

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  • Model: HS25#1018 50045 (55) (3.99) Pinch Collar

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Stainless Steel Training Pinch Collar for Rottweiler

Decided to buy a pinch collar for Rottweiler? Great, so choose only reliable equipment made of dog-safe materials! Here is the utmost quality pinch collar that is safe and durable. Such a collar will be the first helper in Rottweiler behaviour correction. The collar is rust proof since it is made of stainless steel. It will serve you and your dog for years. You can add or remove links to regulate the size of the item. Use this perfect dog collar for training your pet!

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  • Quality Dog Pinch Collar for walkingBest HS Pinch Collar of Stainless Steel
  • Walking HS Pinch CollarRustproof Rottweiler HS Pinch Collar with Red Tag

Key features of this Dog Collar:

  • Red tag (HS-Germany)
  • Prongs evenly arranged around the collar
  • Super strong
  • 2 O-rings for leash attachment
  • Middle plate
  • Rust resistance

Intended use of this Dog Collar:

  • Training your dog
  • Safe walking

Sizes available:

  • 25 inch (65 cm)
  • Prong's diameter - 3.99 mm (1/6 inch)


  • Stainless steel

The size of this particular Pinch Dog Collar is 25 inch (65 cm) with prong's diameter - 3.99 mm (1/6 inch). If your dog's neck circumference is more than 24 inch (61 cm), you can order an additional link, that will add 1 4/5 inch (4.5 cm) to the total collar length.

The weight of this Stainless Steel Pinch Collar is about 13.6 oz (390 g).

Equipment made of Stainless Steel is usually a bit more expensive than the one made of ordinary steel, but, it still has many benefits. In condition of high air humidity level ordinary steel parts may become rusty. This collar will perfectly fit for working or hunting canine, as well as for a dog who just likes to swim in the ponds. Chains made of ordinary steel will lose its look under the influence of humidity. Moreover, salt water makes the metal surface rough, as a result it starts to rust. This will never happen with stainless steel. Being made of this material, supplies will serve you and your pooch much longer.

This HS Pinch Collar will satisfy your needs if you:

  • need a training Collar, but the ordinary Choke Chain doesn't help you any more;
  • want to teach your Rottweiler to obey;
  • need an extra strong 100% rust proof Dog Collar;
  • simply need safe walking pinch collar, for you to be sure that you pooch is under control.
Warnings about Pinch Dog Collars:
  • never leave your Rottweiler without supervision, when wearing a Pinch Collar, because injuries may occur!
  • pinch collar should be put on and taken off before and after daily training sessions
  • you should choose precise collar size
  • if you don't remove enough links the collar will hang down on the dog's neck which will result in the collar not working the way it was designed
  • or if if you don't add enough links depending on the size of your dog's neck the pet can have problems with easy breathing.

You can also order nylon removable protector for this pinch collar. Its main characteristics are:
  • it reduces contact with water
  • it protects against excessive light reflection
  • collar will be less noisy
  • it does not look like pinch collar - looks like regular collar

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