Tracking/Pulling/Agitation Leather Dog Harness For Rottweiler

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  • Model: H5###1018 Tracking/pulling dog harness

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Great quick release dog harness for regular work with Rottweiler

Looking for the best tracking canine gear? Stop your search right now - we have something great to offer you. Handmade extra strong dog harness is waiting for you.

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Handmade Leather Rottweiler Harness with Horizontal Сhest Strap

Best Tracking Leather Rottweiler Harness Doesn't Discomfort the Canine

Do you need a harness that would combine a style, comfort and quality? Then you have found it right away! Could you imagine that premium harness made of finest leather might cost little? But this fascinating custom gear does! You are purchasing not only reliable training means but also universal unexpendable assistant tutor! Your and future trainer’s contribution is very valuable for Rottweiler education and upbringing but it would be not enough without using this unique truly spellful dog device. Thanks to convenient construction you may use this harness for walking with your dog as well as his pulling work necessary for powerful dog breed as dog Rottweiler is.

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Strong D-Ring Brass-Made Built on the Top for Lead

Strong Metal Brass D-Ring Attached to Dog Leash

Your sweet children will enjoy very much when Rottweiler equipped with this harness will sled them! While developing the harness our manufacturers considered the specificity of drawing dogs and made it maximally comfortable and lightweight. We use only quality materials for making of our dog production as we want it to serve you for a long time.

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  • Multipurpose adjustable leather dog harnessSafety walking beautiful Rottweiler harness
  • Exclusive everyday lifetime leather harnessRottweiler top quality popular training harness


Key features of this Rottweiler Harness:

  • Soft but strong full grain prime leather
  • New-fashion design
  • 3 way adjustable
  • Padded chest strap
  • Very comfortable
  • Long life performance
  • Side D-rings
  • Quick release button
  • Wide durable straps
  • Brass fittings

Intended use of this Rottweiler Harness:

  • Service and tracing work
  • Various kinds of dog training
  • Dog education
  • Walking
  • Pulling/tracking
  • Off leash activities
  • Gorgeous dog look

Sizes available:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra large

Available colors:

  • Black
  • Brown

How to size your dog for this harness:


  • around the neck of the dog (green color on the picture):
    17.5-25.5 inch (44-64cm)
  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    24.5-30 inch (62-77 cm)
  • chest strap (blue color on the picture): 23.5 inch (60 cm)


  • around the neck of the dog (green color on the picture):
    26-34 inch (66-86 cm)
  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    30-35.5 inch (77-90 cm)
  • chest strap (blue color on the picture): 26 inch (67 cm)


  • around the neck of the dog (green color on the picture):
    28-35 inch (71-89 cm)
  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    31.5-40 inch (80-102 cm)
  • chest strap (blue color on the picture): 28 3/4 inch (73 cm)

Extra Large:

  • around the neck of the dog (green color on the picture):
    28-35 inch (68-90 cm)
  • around the chest behind the front legs (red color on the picture):
    39-51 inch (99-130 cm)
  • chest strap (blue color on the picture): 30 inch (77 cm)

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Comfortable Pulling Rottweiler Harness

Training Leather Canine Harness Feaures Lined with Heavy Felt Chest Strap

Best Fit Rottweiler Leather Harness

Designer Rottweiler Harness Follows The Contours Of The Dog's Body

Now it is reasonable for a potential possessor of this harness to get acquainted with peculiarities of this handmade leather dog tool. They are wanted for each pulling harness, but this one already has got them!

  1. If you wish to have high quality accessory for your dog you will not find better one that this particular exclusive leather harness. We know how to make the best dog products because we have excellent knowledge on dogs; skilled vets, behaviorists deal with us with pleasure; our practical training is extensive. Though we are accepted highly experienced professionals we still keep on studying dog market and the newest processing techniques. Our dog products are up to the latest world standards. It is nothing to worry about when you have your dog harnessed duly.
  2. A lot of comfort. When making dog wearing we focus on outstanding quality of it. It must not be differently since harness is mostly used for daily needs. Your task is to find the best equipment for your pet but ours is to satisfy all your expectations and wants. So, we are sure of your dog’s comfort and safety when he will have this multitasking gear on. Leather is most demandable and safe natural material. But the harness is made of perfect strongest leather that does not adversely affect the dog’s health. This model is lightweight so your dog will not get tired of carrying it. Absolutely open construction allows good air flow. Padded with soft felt chest strap is meant for utmost comfort and for prevention of skin rubbing.
  3. Pleasant adjustment. At last you will be able to use a harness convenient in service! Several manipulations and your Rotty will turn into best harnessed dog! Look attentively at the fastening system. It has the right number of buckles arranged in the best way. The model allows for your dog’s growth. Regulating easy release shoulder buckles you have snug harness fit. Side quick release buckle built in the around body strap can be clasped or undone only by one hand.

Check how our products look on the dogs/Pictures from Customers

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3 Way Adjustable Leather Dog Harness

Fashion Rottweiler Harness Empasizes Rottweiler's Enormous Strength

Dog Harness Extremely Durable Provides Snug Fit
for Rottweiler

Training, Walking Leather Dog Harness for Rottweiler

I had previously purchased a muzzle and a harness from you guys and am very pleased with the quality, design, and craftsmanship. I have a couple of pics and would very much appreciate if you could post them on the website. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas, Scott Osterberg

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