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  • Model: PS2011018 Bite sleeve in Canadian style

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All ages training bite sleeve for Rottweiler

Do you need a reliable bite sleeve for young Rottweiler training? This Excellent Bite Dog Sleeve will provide you with ultra protection! With this dog gear training your Rottweiler will be safe and effective! This sleeve is very comfortable for dog trainer and easy in use. This sleeve will help you in training your Rotty in a different activities.

Dog Protection Training Sleeve for Rottweiler

Key features of this Sleeve:

  • Ultra lightweight
  • Made of 100% dog safe materials Plastic extra protection shoulder shield Soft interior part Outside round handle 3 ways adjustable bite area - puppy, young, adult dog Advanced bite surface for young dogs

Intended use of this Sleeve:

  • Advanced bite work with sleeve for young dogs
  • Working on bite drive
  • Building full mouth proper angle bite foundation

Hidden plastic durable tube is used to make this arm reinforced. NK material is a basis of the bite bar which will make it easier to train younger dogs. This hard agitation sleeve is strong, yet lightweight which make this dog training tool very popular and competitive on the market. All applied materials are absolutely safe and don't provoke any allergic reactions. This equipment is reliably hand stitched for additional durability. It can be used for heavy duty training. Besides, the sleeve can be easily put on and off. It features incredible quality of materials and great functionality to make this sleeve quite long-servicing and practicable.

General "Woof" Tip: Leather can be of different quality.
Latigo leather is too soft for some of the products and harness leather is too sturdy – this is one of the reasons why we use vegetable tanned leather.
Vegetable tanned leather combines perfect durability and softness to give you as a handler , and your dog most of comfort.

cover made of jute with handle      cover made of French Linen with handle

cover made of jute with handle     cover made of French Linen with handle

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