Bristle Dog Brush for Everyday Grooming


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  • Model: KA18#1026 Wooden brush

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Bristle brush for your Rottweiler

Need a high quality brush for your dog grooming?

This brush will make your Rottweiler look neat and healthy! It is of high quality wood and has a nylon convenient handle. It cares perfectly about dog's hair and helps to make it shiny. It will be your favourite brush for grooming your Rottweiler. You may use it on a daily basis, it is absolutely safe! Keep your dog's fur in the best condition!

  • Bristle 

brush for RottweilerWooden bristle brush for Rottweiler
  • Rottweiler bristle brush with nylon handleRottweiler bristle brush with handle

Key features of this Rottweiler bristle brush:

  • Easy to use
  • Quality design
  • Convenient to hold
  • Nylon handle doesn't slip away
  • Perfect fr all types of coats

Intended use of this Rottweiler bristle brush:

  • Dog coat grooming


  • Length 5 1/2 inch (14 cm)
  • Width 2 4/5 inch (7 cm)
  • Height of bristle 1 1/5 inch (3 cm)
  • Weight - 1/5 lbs (84 g)


  • Wood and nylon

This brush will be of great help for grooming your Rottweiler. You can use this gear for all coat types. It is made of dog-safe materials, so it can be used as often as you prefer. Your dog will look perfectly and his fur will be kept in the best look! You can brush all the hair of your Rottweiler, not just the top coat. Don't forget to brush backward against the lay of the fur and then brush it back into place. Thus, you will clean your dog from dead hair and stimulate his skin.

There are several points that every dog owner should remember: - start brushing your canine at the top, but tend to ear hair gently; - then smooth your dog's neck ruffs and feather your puppy's forelegs; - go softly on the underbelly and move around the sides and up the back of your Rottweiler; - go ahead for doggy's rear end for more grooming and catch the back legs for an easy brush up. Use it on the tail at the end of the procedure.

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